Dennis Scott's son punches Shaq in the face
Last Thursday during 'Inside the NBA,' Shaq got a little bit more than he expected when Dennis Scott's son visited the set. The video shows little Dennis Scott III, confident as a professional boxer, straight-up punch Shaq right in the face...
And the winner of the NBA championship is… NOT ME!
The 2014 playoffs were long and arduous. Like a trail of tears, the NBA draws out it's end of the season tournament like a taffy puller slowly coming to a halt. And after all that time trudging though each and every 7 game series, I'm left completely unsatisfied...
Derrick Rose Thanks Mother in Emotional MVP Acceptance Speech
On Tuesday, 22-year-old Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose became the youngest MVP in NBA history.
He celebrated the award with an unusually gracious acceptance speech, in which he showered praise upon the fans, his teammates and the players who had come before him.
He saved his most emotional words for…
Kobe Bryant Directs Anti-Gay Slur at Referee [VIDEO]
Kobe Bryant wasn't happy when referee Bennie Adams hit him with a technical in the third quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers' game against the San Antonio Tuesday night.
In fact, after Kobe had taken a seat on the bench, TNT's camera caught him directing a gay slur at Adams.
Ex-NBA Player to Get Bionic Legs [VIDEO]
A little more than a year ago, Mike Williams, who had played in the NBA for Atlanta and Sacramento, was shot eight times while breaking up a fight at an Atlanta night club.
When he awoke from a coma, the 6'8 giant was partially paralyzed from his waist down.
Enter Dan Ivankovich, who had played high-s…