3 Great Pumpkin Carving Ideas
So last weekend after Pub Golf the boyfriend and I decided to carve pumpkins, keep in mind this is our first Halloween together.  He waxed me!  He is a huge Kiss fan and managed to carve 4 in the time it took me to do one. I'm the girl, I'm supposed to be crafty but I'm not...
Halloween Pumpkins
Oh, what I wouldn't give to be crafty.  And I know it's never going to happen for me. Some people just seem to be born with that extra... crafting jean.  It's not just a lady thing either, my neighbor is twice a crafty as me.  He's a man, it's really unfair...
This autumn festival features arts and crafts booths, Farmer's Market produce, food trucks, children's activities, a pumpkin pie baking contest, the Harvestfest Basket Raffle, and live entertainment,