Still Snowy
It's April 3rd and we have been bumped up from the fifth to third snowiest winter on record.
Meet Mike at Smiling Dog Records [Video]
Have you been into our new record store in town?  Meet Mike Ludlum, great guy.  Local musician, and music officiate.
Smiling Dog Records has a wide selection of music, J.J. Cale, Pink Floyd, I even saw a Johnny Paycheck album.  Buy, sell, trade and if your looking for something they do…
Top 5 Places To Get Vinyl in Billings
Why would you listen to vinyl? If you like vinyl like I do, it's probably something you've heard before. To the uneducated ear, I get it. To them it doesn't sound any different -- or maybe even worse. But to me, there's nothing like that warm, analog sound.