sam's cover songs

Sam’s Cover Songs
Today's cover song is actually a  song that was written in 1959 by Elmore James. Most people thought Stevie Ray wrote the song but a lot of blues players have done this song. This is the Johnny Winter version and I hope you like The Sky Is Crying...
Sam’s Cover Songs : Chickenfoot
Today's cover song is a great band playing live and doing a Deep Purple song. Chickenfoot is Sammy's new band and what a treat. You are gonna love this version of Highway Star the boy's have a great time laying this one down.....Enjoy!
Sam’s Cover Songs
Today's cover song is a Molly Hatchet song Dreams I'll Never See which is actually a Allman Brothers  song. Greg Allman actually wrote the words and The Allman Brothers had it on their first album. But Hatchet  made the song famous. But in the long run Greg ge…
Sam’s Cover Songs
Today's covers song is actually a traditional song, which means that anyone can cover the song without paying royalties because no one knows for sure who wrote the song. The first time I heard the song  was when The Animals did it but my favorite version is from Frijid Pink...
Sam’s Cover Songs: REO
Today's cover song is an REO Speedwagon song, "Little Queenie," which is actually a Chuck Berry song. REO changed a few words and rocked it up to meet the times.
But in the long run, Chuck is the guy with the mind that came up with Queenie as he is the guy w…
Sam’s Cover Songs
Today's cover song is a Otis Blackwell song Don't Be Cruel which  Elvis did and made Otis a bundle. But Elvis wasn't the only person to cover the song. Here's Dan Mccafferty (Nazareth) covering it ...see what you think.