Snow: Are You Ready?
We call them spring, summer, winter and fall. For some of you it's road construction season, too dang hot, 3 days of fall colors and then nothing but cold, snow, rain, bad roads, sickness, and shoveling.
Less Than Inch For Billings, Western MT Will Get Feet Of Snow
Western Montana is preparing for what the National Weather Service is calling a "Historic Winter Storm" that's expected to hit this weekend. A Winter Storm Watch will be in effect from 6pm Friday, September 27 through 6pm on Sunday, September 29 for most of the state's western ha…
Meet My New Best Friend
I actually haven't given this guy a name yet, maybe Ol' Red like you would name a truck or something. That's what we will do. He is actually quite the helper.
I Think it's Still Winter
Well, I guess it is still winter here in Montana. They keep saying four to eight inches of snow. I had eight inches at my place last night. The weather man says snow until tomorrow. I think eight inches is plenty wrong. As my Dad would say, it is what it is...

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