Thanksgiving - The New Black Friday
Talking about how over commercialized the holidays are is old hat, so I won't waste a lot of time doing it. The simple truth is that as long as people are willing to "bust doors" for sale prices, retailers will be more than happy to accommodate...
Resturants Open Thanksgiving
I know to some people it just seems wrong to go out to eat on Thanksgiving.  Hey, I don't think it's a bad thing.  No dishes, no cooking the day before. No leftovers.
Here are five restaurants in Billings that will be open on Thanksgiving...
Montana's 'Strange' Recipe
According to an analyzed search engine study, researchers have been able to find the strangest Thanksgiving recipes per region throughout America, including the state of Montana. We gotta get the word out about this stuff, viewers!
Frozen Turkey Drink
Our V.I.P. Club is sponsored by Mackenzie River Pizza and if you haven't taken a second to sign up there's some great stuff there.
The holidays, we look forward to time off and time spent feeding our face with food and booze, that's how my family does it...

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