Prime Day 2020: Top Deals and Fun Finds
Prime Day is happening later this year, but that just means you don't have to hide your Christmas gifts for as long! Here are some of our favorite finds for this year's event. Be sure to keep checking back as we will update this page with new deals as we find them.
Another Free Over-The-Air TV Channel in Billings
For those of us who have "cut the cable", it's always nice to get a new broadcast (free) tv channel in the lineup. In this case, there is no need to scan for new channels as Court TV is now replacing one of the two Grit channels in Billings.
Two New Free TV Stations In Billings
Lots of people are "cutting the cable" these days and relying on streaming services for their shows and local channels for their news and live TV.  I ditched my cable channels a few months ago and haven't really missed anything.  I still keep my internet, of course, …
Take a Peek at Sam's Childhood
When I was a kid, the Three Stooges were the best thing on TV. (Well, to me anyway).
They were on every weekday after school on Channel 11 in St. Louis on a show called Captain 11.
I asked my mom how old I was when we got our first TV...
Billings Lawyers Need To Step It Up [VIDEO]
I don't see as many "If you've been injured in a accident..." style commercials as I used to. I'm not sure why that is, but I do remember them as being fairly annoying and dominating late night TV commercial spots.
This guy in Texas has taken annoying legal ads to a w…
Please Stop Crying on TV
If I had my way, the FCC would fine networks for excessive crying. It's gotten out of hand. People cry on TV now at the drop of a hat. I mean, I'm not heartless, so I get that sometimes emotions can get out of control, but some of these shows just seem to coax gratuitous crying for no good…
Be On TV
I have never been to Bones Arcade but I hear good things about it and they just reopened as of Sept.10.
This might be your chance to break into TV. They will be shooting a TV commercial Thursday at 5 p.m.  Look, even if you don't become nationally famous for this, locally famous is cool, to…

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