Smiley Was At Heights Walmart
Well this was a first for my family and I. Something I have never seen in any Walmart in the country.
As we walked into the store this weekend, "Smiley" the Walmart mascot was roaming the store. I didn't even know they had a mascot roaming the stores these days...
Little Girls Need Modesty [Opinion]
We live in a day and age where flaunting what you have has become an acceptable behavior. Anymore it seems the more the merrier when showing a little or a lot of skin.
I know what I am about to say will not be a popular thing but in my eyes the respect of one's body should be important...
Credit Card Chips are Giving Me a Chip on My Shoulder
Months ago, my bank updated our debit cards with the new chip on them. Everything should be fine and dandy but this has caused more problems than good.
I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have been to Wal-Mart in the Heights and gone to pay for my merchandise and had my card dec…
A Breakfast Flake Seeks Best Shaving Deals in Billings
The evolution of shaving is kind of interesting. I, personally, have had a beard for the better part of 30 years. That being said, I still have to shave a little bit each morning.
Most men have to do the whole job every day. And, it all of a sudden seems like shaving has gotten pretty expensive,…
Walmart Dumps Celine Dion – Saves Sanity of Employees
We've all been to a Walmart and we all have horror stories around the freak show that swarms around the retailer, especially on the weekends. (if you've never noticed anything odd, you may be one of the scary people)
Can you imagine what it must be like to spend 8 straight hours there...

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