Is It Summer Or Winter?
This is a picture of one of my daughters playing softball in Columbus.  Yes I'm a proud dad.  (she threw the person out!).  I wonder how warm it has been.  I don't believe in the climate change, global warming stuff.  I do know that I miss my kids playing out side,…
I Think it's Still Winter
Well, I guess it is still winter here in Montana. They keep saying four to eight inches of snow. I had eight inches at my place last night. The weather man says snow until tomorrow. I think eight inches is plenty wrong. As my Dad would say, it is what it is...
Polar Vortex Hitting Mid-West
The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast temperatures between -10 to -40 degrees by Wednesday, with wind chill making it seem as cold as -65 degrees Fahrenheit in one area of Minnesota.

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