Montana Is At Good Odds For A UFO Sighting?
Here's a trip on the wild side for ya! Apparently, chances of seeing a UFO in Montana are higher than most states according to Casino.Org. They just calculated the chances of seeing a UFO in all 50 states and the Treasure State made the Top 10 list.
Well Good Morning
This is a picture my brother Dennis Talkington took the other morning when he woke up somewhere in Wyoming while he was on a ride pretty much across the country. Some things only God could make happen and I believe this is one of them. I hope you enjoy this picture I do have a couple more from my Wifey and my ride the other day coming soon...
Ah, the Thrill of Tunnels for Me
Back where I come from, there are a lot of tunnels in the bluffs along the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. I am sure there are more here in Montana than I know about. But not too long ago, my wife and I went to Cody and these are the tunnels on the way to Cody Dam...
Billings Gas Prices Dip, Again
The never-ending battle over the price of fuel continues. but nonetheless, some are feeling some ease at the pump. Billings has seen an average retail gasoline price drop 1.8 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $1.70 a gallon, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 81 gas stations...

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