Dylan Ayer, TSM


Ever had a Moink?  It's like a little piece of heaven.  God I love meat and I can't wait to try a Moink for the first time at Bacon Fest Nov. 19th.

Tickets are cheap for Bacon Fest, it's only going to cost $15 dollars.  You can pick them up at all Shipton's Big R locations.  Now, keep in mind that a ticket turns into a punch card and that let's you sample all of the bacon dishes.  I say that because last year I ate two punch cards worth.  Just wanted to give a heads up.  But I'm not one of those girls that doesn't eat...

Moink - Meat candy on a stick. They take a meatball, wrap it in bacon. Then they smoke it, add a little sauce and it's a MOINK. Moo+Oink.   Big Guy BBQ is just one of the many restaurants you'll see at Bacon Fest and they responsible for the Moink. 

I'll see you at Bacon Fest next weekend and I will be talking with my mouth full.