Are part of our VIP Club yet online?  Just go to to sign up, only takes a second.  And, in the long run it will probably save you some money.

The NILE Foundation is non-profit organization dedicated entirely to the future of growing, strengthening and protecting our agricultural industry and heritage. This group's mission is to support the NILE's efforts.

Money is allotted to NILE ag youth programs.  Rodeos are fun and it’s easy to forget that most rodeo’s exist to support scholarships for youth.  Rodeos are important to 4H programs and college programs like vo-tech and four-year scholarship programs. 

And, the Nile Rodeo is good for Billings’ economy. Today the NILE brings approximately 40,000 people to town and $2.6 million are spent in Billings that week.  In 2014 there was representation from 32 states and Canada in attendance.


If your part of the VIP club, you can win tickets to The Nile Rodeo. You probably planned on taking the family anyway.  Let me us help you out with the tickets. Head to the VIP Club.