Black Friday now actually starts on Thanksgiving for some stores. Not all stores support this idea though. Some stores are choosing to be closed all day on Thanksgiving and open for Black Friday -- actually on Friday.

The idea is to promote spending more time with family and friends during the holidays, to take a day to reflect on the year and just relax. Mental Floss published this great article, "22 Stores That Refuse to be Open on Thanksgiving." I thought you might enjoy it.

If you work at a place that is open on Thanksgiving and have chosen to work because you need the extra cash, I hope that you're getting paid well.

10 Stores you won't find open on Thanksgiving in Billings.

1.  Costco

2.  Dillards

3.  Jo-Ann Fabric

4.  T.J. Maxx

5.  Marshalls

6.  Barnes & Noble

7.  Sam's Club

8.  Home Depot

9.  Stapels

10.  Lowes