I came across this list of the 10 safest cities in Montana and thought it was interesting. You will notice that Billings didn't make the list.

Nowadays, I respect the Billings Police more than ever;  times have changed over the years.

With all Montana has to offer, it’s not surprising that the state consistently ranks as one of the nation’s Best Places to Live the American Dream, according to the authors of the SafeWise Report.

Although it is hard to find a good-paying job in Montana.

I would like to thank the SafeWise people for their hard work in finding this information. For the whole report, HERE.

I have not visited all of these cities but the ones I have, would be great places to hang your hat!

Here are the Top 10 Safest Cities in Montana:

  • Colstrip -- I haven't been to Colstrip in probably 20 years, but I hope they don't close down the power plant. It would become a ghost town.
  • Livingston -- It's a great place right off the mountains, beautiful but windy.Very, very windy.
  • East Helena -- I have only passed through, but what a beautiful place.
  • Dillon -- I have never been here, but Hank Jr. wrote a song about the town. It's gotta be OK!
  • Sidney -- I have never been to it, so it wouldn't be fair to say one way or the other.
  • Columbus -- It is a great town if you like nostalgia and stuffed animals. The Atlas is a must.
  • Lewistown -- I hear it is a great little town. I have never been there. Maybe that would be a great ride this summer.
  • Glasgow -- It has not been on my list of travels but there are some great race car drivers from there.
  • Red Lodge -- It is the home of the Beartooth Rally and Iron Horse Rodeo every summer. What can I say? I love Red Lodge Bone Daddy's and all the people. What a great place to party!!! Oh, yeah, get a pie at Bogart's.
  • Laurel -- It has a lot of great places to have an ice-cold Coors. What a nice town with a great St. Patrick's Day parade.

Then, again, Montana might be a safe place because you can still carry a sidearm as long as it's not concealed.

Ain't Life Grand!