Have you been thinking about buying a rental? I have.

To me, Billings seems like the perfect place. Between the oil workers and the college students, I think it's a no-brainer.  As someone who has a rental and a real estate license. 10 features to a profitable rental is a great article. It will give you a ton to think about.

Buying the right rental is tricky.

You need to consider location, mortgage versus rent and is the house renter-ready?  Then, there are a ton of questions to ask yourself.  First, I would start with the right bank and a good real estate agent. Then, I would move on and ask questions about the following:

1.  Neighborhood

2.  Property Taxes

3.  Schools

4.  Crime

5.  Job Market

6.  Amenities

7.  Building Permits and Future Development

8.  Rents

9.  Natural Disasters

10. Number of Listings and Vacancies

Good luck.