Most people in Billings have a pretty good idea of what I like and who I am. Give me an ice-cold Coors and I'm set, man.

But, I got to thinking that there are a few things you just might not know about me. I made a list of 10 things and am going to split them in two parts so I don't overwhelm ya! There are a couple of shockers the list.

So, here I go.




  • 10

    Capri Drive-In

    When I was 16, I worked at the Capri Drive-In in Wood River, Ill. I made popcorn and hotdogs and picked up rubbers off the ground from the back row of the theater.

  • 9

    Kroger Grocery Store

    I worked as a clerk at the Kroger Grocery Store in East Alton, Ill. I was 17 when I started out as a bag boy and was head of every department, including dairy and frozen foods. I worked there eight years.

  • 8

    Hod Carrier

    I carried hod and anybody who doesn't know what hod is, it's mud for a bricklayer. I respect anybody who has that job becasue it was hard. I was in my 20s in Illinois.

  • 7

    Busted Rubber

    I worked for a mobile tire company in Texas. We changed all types of tires but mostly tires on semi-trucks. That hot asphalt made those tires go kaput -- a lot.I respect anyone who changes tires with a sledgehammer. It's hard work. It's very hard work. 

  • 6

    I'll Tell You in the Video

    I wanted to tell you about this in the video. I think you might be surprised.

    Come back tomorrow for the remaining five things you might not know about me.

    Ain't life grand?!?!?!?!