Earlier this week I shared with you an experience I recently had at a less-than-stellar motel in the small town of Forsyth. Located 100 miles east of Billings on I-94, the quaint railroad/agriculture town is nestled along the Yellowstone River and has a population of 1,591 according to 2020 Census data.

Most of us probably fly right past the two-exit town as we're heading to North Dakota or Minneapolis. It's charming... in a farm community kind of way. We were there for a concert at their county fair and when I went to top off my gas tank on the way home, I had to look twice at the Town Pump sign. Last week, regular gasoline was just $4.14 per gallon. That was 40 - 50 cents cheaper per gallon than Billings at the time.

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Today (7/28) gas in Forsyth is at $4.04 a gallon!

Even though prices are slowly dropping nationally and around the Billings area (currently $4.49) the price difference between Billings and Forsyth remains significant. When I called that gas station today in Forsyth, their prices had fallen another dime. It's getting real close to that magical under-four-dollar mark. Certainly more than we were paying last year at this time, but it's a little easier to swallow than what we were paying a month ago.

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Maybe you can explain to me why it's so much cheaper in Forsyth?

I'm not the only person who's noticed this pricing anomaly. My photographer friend from Columbus was commenting on the difference last month. He noted gas was cheaper than Billings in Glendive, on-par in Miles City, and way cheaper in the little town of Forsyth.

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Usually, I give you answers. Today, I have none.

The attendant that answered my phone call said he wasn't really sure how they can sell fuel significantly cheaper than the rest of the state. I couldn't find a phone number or direct email to call Town Pumps corporate office, and as of this time, they haven't responded to my @TownPump Tweet. If you could help explain, I'd love to hear your answers.

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