Earlier this month, we shared an article with you that claimed that the "worst tourist attraction" in Montana is the amazing and wonderful $50,000 Silver Dollar (they dropped "bar" when they updated their name from the $10,000 Silver Dollar). I know, we clutched our pearls, the "worst"?? No friggin way. We've had many discussions since this discovery, and here's our theory. Locals consider it one of the best local attractions, but tourists don't "get it" so they think the gift shop is weird. If you can't appreciate a gigantic building that offers everything from swords to bongs to wolf shirts, then my friend, YOU are the one who is weird. Here are 13 wicked awesome things you can buy at the unique and glorious $50,000 Silver Dollar in Haugan, Montana.

13 Wicked Awesome Things You Can Buy at Montana's Worst Tourist Destination

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