January 26, 2015 Kali Youngblood, 27, of Billings was diagnosed with 3 brain tumors. The diagnosis is Glioblastoma stage 4. You can imagine they have so much going on emotionally, financially and physically. This young lady and her family need our help. 

I was able to speak with Kali's mother-in-law about this young lady, her husband and how we can help out. Sounds like the two of them ( Chris and Kali) are so in love. Just recently married and with circumstances arising they haven't even had a chance to have their honeymoon. Now Kali is facing a battle for her life. There is not one single person out there that hasn't known someone with cancer, it's reaching grossly high numbers. It never cares your age or well being and can put a person in complete debt fighting for their life. Kali Youngblood's chemo pills are $13,000 alone. Right now her husband isn't working as the need for him at home is much more important.

She wrote this note recently:

"Hi friends!! Just wanted to let all of you know how special everyone has made me feel these past few weeks! Every prayer, positive thought, well wish, donation, share, flower, card, and just amazing things have not gone unnoticed!! I'm so grateful for my life right now and still can't put into words how much all your support means to me and Chris. We are one blessed couple to be surrounded in this life by such caring and giving family and friends. We love you all and thank you so much!!!"

They are so positive, and from the looks of their pictures I know they will continue to have those smiles on their faces. Please help if you can. Only 27 years old, she deserves to have her whole life ahead of her, to watch her kids grow up and to grow old with her new husband.

The world can be so sad, but then there are great communities like this that I know will step up and answer the call. #FightCancer

Photo courtesy of Tina Youngblood
Photo courtesy of Tina Youngblood

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