The Carrizo Plain National Monument
David McNew,Getty Images

Do you belong to the Montana Caving Club? Did you know Montana has a caving club?  It's even a thing for high school students. Big Fork High School has a Cave Club.  Forget chess club, you could join the Cave Club.  Much cooler.

Never really spent anytime in caves before. But there's a ton to see here in Montana. Out of the three listed, which one is the best? Or maybe there's one that you think is better that didn't make the list.

Educate me, I think I want to get into this when summer is officially here.


  • 1

    Pictograph Cave

    More than 100 pictographs or rock paintings left behind by prehistoric hunters. Visually looks like an awesome place to spend a Saturday. In Pictograph Cave the oldest rock art in the cave is more than 2,000 years old.


  • 2

    Lewis & Clark Caverns

    The oldest park in Montana.  Named for Lewis & Clark but they didn't actually discover the cave.

  • 3

    Royce Cave

    Royce Cave has been around for decades and it contains some of the largest deposits of Moon Milk ever found.

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