If you're a fan of the water, then you'll love these swimming holes in Montana that are sure to put a chill up your spine. The hot weather is on so feel free to take a dip in one of these spots to cool off on that hot summer day.

  • Duck Creek Facebook

    Duck Creek Bridge, Yellowstone River, Billings

    The Yellowstone River around Billings has a lot of inviting spots but this has to be my favorite.A little south of town you'll be able to find the Duck Creek Bridge area which is extremely inviting on a hot day.

  • Alfonso Martinez / Ackley Lake State Park Facebook Page

    Ackley Lake, Hobson

    What is so nice about this place? Lots! The water is great and the area doubles as a great camping spot. You'll find it right in the middle of Montana.

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    Missouri Headwaters State Park, Three Forks

    If you've ever wondered where the Missouri River officially begins...this is the place. The actual swimming hole takes a little trek to find so it is highly advised that only seasoned swimmers embark on this adventure.