So, I'm not from here and I also happen to be single. Haven't done much dating since I got here. Not a lack of options, more like, lack of time. I love that the average man here seems to be bigger than the men on the East Coast, just an observation.  I like large men.

But what else is there to know about dating someone from Montana?  If you're not from here. has Things to know about dating someone from Montana.  The article has some promising information but I want to know what you think.  Are the observations below correct?

  • Johannes Simon,Getty Images

    You’d better be ready to explore the great outdoors.

    Just makes sense, why wouldn't you spend time outside?

  • Matt Cardy,Getty Images

    You should be respectful and polite.

    This is true, chivalry is not dead here.

  • Joe Raedle,Getty Images

    You don’t have to order the salad -- ever

    I love this. Would much rather have a steak than a salad.