As I was deep in my thoughts driving around Billings yesterday on my errands, I saw a couple things that all happened close together that bothered me.

People are selfish. I can be that way, too. But, there are a few things that don't take much time or effort when you are forced to interact with the rest of the world.


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    Hold the Door for Folks

    It shows respect for seniors. Maybe you're helping out a mom who's been grocery shopping with her kids and it's one little gesture that helps her out.

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    Here's One From the 'Don't' List

    DON'T park your shopping cart in the exact center of the aisles while you are shopping for your groceries. Not sure why this one bugs me so much, but it's probably going to send me over the edge one day.

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    Put the Cellphone Away

    And finally, you people who talk on your cellphones while sitting next to me in restaurant! Knock it off. You're louder than you think. You're bugging me  -- and the people within 20 feet of your table. And your waitress.

    Your mamma shoulda taught you better