My 40th class reunion is coming up in a couple of weeks.  40 years!  Jimmy Carter was President, top song was "My Sharona," price of gas was 88 cents, and I had HAIR!  I "made out" with my girlfriend in a cornfield on 56th and Rimrock road (I think my boss now lives in a Home Association there).  I went to the 10-year reunion and got to hear about all of the success of classmates. I was voted most famous because I had a local Breakfast Cereal named after my morning radio show.  At the 40th reunion, I consider success as not smelling like ointment and wearing diapers!  The older we get the more fun the reunions are.  I am just guessing but, more of the guys have caught up to my current hairstyle from the past 30 years.  No shampoo and hairdryer needed!

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