UPDATED 12pm 2/7/19:

Thanks to the folks at the National Weather Service, we have some updated figures for Billings coldest temperatures. According to their data, here are the top 5 coldest temperatures since 1934:

  1. -38 degrees, 2/15/1936
  2. -35 degrees, 2/17/1936
  3. -33 degrees, 2/8/1936
  4. -32 degrees, 12/24/1983
  5. -30 degrees, 1/12/1997 & 1/7/1937

The coldest month was February 1936 with an average temperature of 2.5.

We're currently in a stretch of bitter cold that may keep us below freezing past Valentine's Day.  But we're not hitting historic low temperatures in Billings, yet.

According to Wunderground and ClimateSpy, here are the five coldest temperatures recorded at Billings Logan International Airport:

-36.6°F on February 15, 1936

-32.1°F on December 26, 1983

-29.2°F on January 12, 1997

-28.1°F on February 2, 1989

-27.9°F on February 2, 1996

On average, January 6th is the coldest day of the year in the Magic City. January 1942 was the coldest month in city history with an average temperature of -13.5°F.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in the contiguous United States was -70°F at Rogers Pass, Montana on January 20th, 1954. West Yellowstone, MT holds the 3rd coldest temp with a -66°F reading on February 9th, 1953.

Extreme cold concentrates mainly in the mountains of western Montana. The combination of high latitude with high elevation means that Montana has more weather stations reporting exceptionally low temperatures than anywhere else. -Current Results

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