Billings is teeming with hundreds of some of the finest and most unique Montana restaurants for miles around. Some estimates put the number of eateries at 400.

If you want it, Billings has it.

From beef and bison to Chinese and chicken, you can find it all.

Still, there are favorites that have shuttered their doors over the years and left us only with the memories and our taste buds that come alive every so often, longing for that one favorite food.

There are likely scores of restaurants that have packed up and moved on, but we came up with a list of five. Certainly wish we had all the photos, but in all candor we do not.

We are hoping you will help us fill in some blanks of your favorite places that are no longer here and if you have photos, that would be even better. We will do a follow-up.





  • Homestyle Dining LLC
    Homestyle Dining LLC

    Bonanza Steakhouse

    Bonanza Steakhouse was known for good food, a family-friendly atmosphere and a killer salad bar. There aren't as many of them open across the United States as there once was but there are some east of Montana in North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota.

    How many of you remember the chocolate mousse?

    "It was to die for," said Denise Tysver, our traffic director.

  • 2

    The Frost Top

    It was similar to an A&W and was located on Main Street.

    "They had thee best French fries," Tysver said.

  • 3

    The Happy Diner

    The Happy Diner had phones at the table on which you placed your order. The phones rang directly into the kitchen. It closed in 2005. Today, a Dairy Queen is located in the Happy Diner's former location on Grand Avenue.

  • 4

    The Golden Pheasant

    It closed a decade ago after making a name for itself in three separate locations. Two of its staples were live entertainment and Cajun food, but Tysver recalls it for another reason.

    "It was a great place to get drunk," she said laughing.

  • 5

    Kit Kat Cafe

    What would any list be without the Kit Kat Cafe? It was an icon of Billings Heights for nearly 50 years before Taco Bell took its place.

    This popular cafe saw the height of its glory days in 1995 when President Bill Clinton stopped by. It doesn't seem to matter how many people you ask about iconic businesses, the Kit Kat Cafe is always included on the list.

    The one thing no one seems to know is what he had to eat or drink.

    The sign is reportedly in a fenced yard of a sign shop off Monad.
    It's hard letting go.

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