There is definitely a right time of year to buy certain things.  Wouldn't you agree?  The time to buy that new Christmas tree is definitely after Christmas and what about Halloween candy?  It's always half price after the holiday.  Not that you'd want to save it until next Halloween.  Maybe if you have rotten neighbor kids

Hopefully you get Presidents Day off. I know not everyone does. They say the very first Presidents Day sale goes back to the 1920's.  The tradition of the Presidents Day sale lives on, today, you can still get great deals on cars, electronics or even furniture.  Here's the top five things to think about buying on Presidents Day, according to

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    Need a new frig?  Sears, Kmart and Fred's Appliance all have specials.

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    Man, who doesn't want a new TV? Just makes watching all your favorite movies and programs even better.

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    If you are sleeping on a craptastic mattress you know how much a new mattress is worth.  Presidents Day might be the day to pick one up.

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    Have you been thinking about new bedroom furniture?  Maybe a new couch? Lots of Presidents Day deals

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    It's so warm, all anyone can think about is summer.  Perfect time to pick up a new winter coat for next year.