I've been here a couple of months now and it's easy to see why people grow up here and stay. Is your family from here? Did you move here with your spouse?

Billings is just the right size. Big enough to have everything, all the shopping, breweries, and dining, as well as venues.

Whether you wanted to be closer to nature, or maybe not live in a big city, Billings has a lot to offer.  My top 5 reasons to move to Billings.

1.  Unemployment rate - If you're looking for work, it's here.

2. Price of Housing - Reasonably priced houses, and if you're looking for investments, it's a great place to have rental property

3.  Outdoor Recreation - Plenty to do in and around Billings

4.  The Rims - Ever lived in a flat city with no scenery?  Well, I grew up in Nebraska.

5.  Sense of community - Not In Our Town