It's gettin' that time to take the bike out on the open road. I thought I'd share my top five scenic drives out of Billings

  • Head out to Huntley, take the exit and turn right on Prior Creek Road. That will take you over to Interstate 90, then head back to town. Short but if you been dealin' with the boss all day, it's a nice relaxer!
  • Take a ride up to Roundup. Not a lot of scenery but a nice ride to get away. The bars in Roundup are friendly to bikers!
  • Take a putt up to Red Lodge, but be careful on the two-lane roads. Getting there they can be dangerous. Once you're there, you might want to ride the Beartooth Pass. One word: BEAUTIFUL!!!
  • This ride is a fun one but sometimes the road is kinda rough. Go out through Lockwood on Old Hardin Road past the school and keep going until you come to the Prior road, take a right and ride to Blue Creek Road then take another right and end up back in Billings.
  • The best short scenic trip around is the Buffalo Trail. Go out on Rimrock Road and keep going. Just before you get to Molt, turn left on Buffalo Trail and follow that. You will end up in Laurel. Wow! Time for an ice-cold cold Coors!!!!  I kinda like the Eagles. They are nice people.

Ain't Life Grand!