I don't know how you plan to spend the weekend?  But I think a cold one and some cooking sound just about right! Who doesn't like soup this time of year.

I like to eat, I'm not one of those girls that orders a salad.  Not unless I'm on a diet.  When it's time to eat, it's time to eat.

If you enjoy cooking you should know about dudefoods.  They have great recipes, all out of the box thinking.  Most of it not diet.  But just eat half, because, really... who wants to eat salad.  I also like the caveman recipes.  Not as cool as dudefoods but still good.


  • 1

    Beer Cheese Soup

    While these ladies are over the top happy it is a good recipe.

  • 2

    Italian Sausage Soup

    I think beer cheese might be the only soup that doesn't need meat.  This recipe is easy and this guy isn't annoying so you won't have turn off the volume.

  • 3

    Chicken & Dumpling

    I know Chicken and Dumplings aren't technically a soup.  But I don't like runny soup. This is close enough to a soup.  You gotta see this dude's goatee

  • 4

    Chicken Chili Soup

    This is a crockpot recipe.  He uses plenty of chicken and bacon.... Good man!

  • 5

    Texas Chili and Corn Bread

    If you like to cook you should know about dudefood.  They've got lots of great recipes. None of it diet!