Love that the weather is getting warmer but the bugs... nasty little suckers. With the warm weather comes more bugs. There are bugs here that I've never seen before. You're probably used to these crazy creatures but some of them freak me out a little.

Onlyinyourstate had creepy bugs found in Montana. The house I rent is a spider haven.  Get out, crawly creatures this is my pad.


  • 1

    Cow Killer

    Don't let this thing sting you, it'll hurt like hell.

  • 2

    Great Golden Digger Wasp

    Not aggressive but that doesn't mean it won't sting you if you overstep your bounds.

  • 3

    Masked Hunter

    This dude looks like a booger. They feed on bed bugs. If you find one of them. Might want to check your bed.

  • 4

    Nursery Web Spider

    This guy lives up to his name. He looks like something from the book Charlotte's Web.

  • 5

    Black Widow Spider

    Dangerous and deadly. I mean it's called a Black Widow.  Let that bright tummy be a lesson to you.

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