What would you tell someone about Billings if you knew they were moving here?  Have you ever thought about that?  Maybe you have been trying to get friends and family to move here for years.  I understand why.  It's a great city.  Everything that I've learned since moving here has just made me love this place even more.

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    Always Have A Coat In The Car

    Even in the hot summer months a coat in the car is smart.  Once the sun goes down in the high desert it gets cold.

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    They call it Big Sky Country but you don't really understand just how great the sunsets are here until you live here.

  • Dylan Ayer, Townsquare Media

    Snow possible in May

    We had a pretty mild winter this year.  But for those of us not from here.  They thought of snow in May is a little daunting.

  • Dylan Ayer, Townsquare Media


    If your a beer drinker, this city is for you.  I don't even know where to tell you start.  All the local beer is awesome.


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    Not Fancy

    After living in the south I love that the women here are normal.  Not tons of makeup and crazy dresses.  There's nothing wrong with spending more than an hour to get ready, I just don't have that kind of time.