Theo Wargo,Getty Images


Have you ever taken a second to look over are VIP club on the website?  Right now, there is a chance to win a $500 dollar Visa gift card.  You've got another 20 days to sign up.

You could use the money responsibly.... That doesn't sound like a ton of fun.  Or you could buy yourself something that you've always wanted or maybe needed.  O.K., maybe you just think that you needed it.

1.  This would pay for Christmas.  (No Fun)

2.  Home brewing kit, this would save you money in the long run.

3.  You could watch Denver play the Radiers on New Year's Day.

4.  Take 4 friends on the Brewery Walk in downtown Billings and do it up right.

5.  Motorhead/Lemmy bottle of Jack Daniels.