Ever hear of Snopes.com? It's a website where you can search anything and much like Google it will use key words to find news stories related to what you are looking for. It then tells you if the story is true or not. This helps if you really want to know if what you just heard is true.

With that said, I thought I would look into what it had for Montana and here are the top five that I found.

According to the story, this is the best summation of Barack and Michelle Obama EVER. We'll leave you to judge whether that is true or not.

This is actually a guy from Wyoming responding to someone in Montana and I must say, he isn't too happy with what he saw. Them's are fightin' words!

I found this one absolutely hilarious! It even comes with a picture that some guy tried to pull off as true. Say Whaaa?

I remember seeing this story a while back and thought it was really cool. If true, you really want this mule on your team when heading out on the trail!

And finally, the thankful. You probably saw this story floating around Facebook a while back. Whether people are doing this or not, I think it is a good idea and a very nice gesture.

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