Here in Montana we do things differently than in other places.  It makes us unique, most cool kids had their own lingo in school.  Just living in Montana means your part of our lingo.  We don't talk or speak like people in other states.

Just take the word Montana.  For some people Montana means big state in the middle of nowhere with hardly any people. But if your from Montana it has a whole different meaning.  Giant mountains, stretching plains, outdoor actives and amazing wildlife.  31 words that mean something different in Montana.  I've picked my favorite five below.

  • Taylor Weidman,Getty Images
    Taylor Weidman,Getty Images

    Square Butt

    Butt shaped like a square, right.  Nope, small town in Chouteau County, Montana.

  • Brendan Hoffman,Getty Images
    Brendan Hoffman,Getty Images


    People from California known for being easy-going.  In our state they tend to be annoying tourists.

  • Craig Barritt,Getty Images for the New York Culinary Experience
    Craig Barritt,Getty Images for the New York Culinary Experience

    White Fish

    A fish white in color?  No, in Montana it's a town with a glorious resort overlooking Big Mountain.

  • David McNew,Getty Images
    David McNew,Getty Images


    To people not from Montana a quick way to get from one place to another.  In Montana, trips measured in hours spent on uncrowded roadways travelling much faster than one should between two towns.

  • Jan Hetfleisch,Getty Images
    Jan Hetfleisch,Getty Images

    Big Sky

    That large thing above us is what it means to people outside MT.  But here it's one of the best ski resorts in America.

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