As Montana begins Phase One of reopening our economy I feel like I need to tell you that I feel completely 100% wiped out. Running on E, if you will. I know I'm not alone on that feeling. While an estimated 50% of the workforce has been spending the past few weeks plopped in front of their TV's "working from home", tons of other essential employees have been plugging away, showing up to their jobs every day like usual.

Lots of us have been working harder than we had to pre-shutdown. With the economy crashing, companies have required some workers to do more with fewer employees. I get it and I'm not complaining but it puts me in a weird feeling of gratefulness and jealousy.  Is that okay? I try to push away those thoughts of, "how come everyone gets to stay home and I've got to bust my ass harder than ever?" I'm certainly thankful I still have a job when record unemployment is bruising our state. At the same time, I feel like I really need a vacation.

Anyway, thanks for letting me get some thoughts off my chest. While I haven't been able to binge-watch stupid shows on Netflix for the past month, I have tried to maintain my sanity in a few ways.


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