82 percent is a pretty big number when it comes to surveys. Especially this one:

This morning we read the results of a survey of older Americans on what they wished they would have been taught more of in high school. 82 percent said finance and  money!

It's true most people have warped ideas -- if any -- when it comes to money, spending, saving, investment, and how money, a budget, and debt works in general.

What they are teaching is evident if you read today's interview with the three democrat hopefuls for the House in western Montana. They talked about affordable housing and how unfair it is. They also talked about income inequality and other things that are now taught in school instead of actual finance.

People have every chance to raise their income, much easier than getting housing prices lowered. If you need more money, you work longer, easy solution, then you can afford more.

You also have to live within your budget, another concept not being taught. As you get older your wealth will grow, baby steps. Not a four-bedroom, three-bath home with a game room and chef's kitchen to start.

How about affordable taxes? When the government takes $1,000 or $2,000 out of your check that would go a long way for a house payment.

More government is not the answer, more work and more income with it works every time. There are some exceptions to the rule where that is not an option but for the majority of Americans, it's the right option.

Capitalism budgeting, saving, investments, interest rates, inflation, and retirement plans, all those topics have been long erased from today's school curriculum. Don't kid yourself, it has been removed on purpose. Rely on them, they'll take care of ya...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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