Are you superstitious? I wanna say that I'm not, but then things happen that make me feel a little superstitious. There are a bunch of silly, but typical superstitions, and I have to say I know a lot of people who believe in them. Once of them is about a black cat, and if it crosses your path, it's considered bad luck. So last night, when the Giants played the Cowboys, there were a lot of people freaking out because a black cat ran on the field.

According to USA Today, the black cat wondered onto the field in the second quarter of the game. The crowd at Metlife Stadium, as well as the NFL commentators went nuts over it.

Credit: Getty Images
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Check out the video below!

As you can see, the black cat eventually made it's way off the field and ran into the tunnel and the Giants ended up losing to the Cowboys 37-18. So did this black cat cause the New York Giants to lose? Well, it depend how superstitious you are.