Well I have told you Jam Castle stories and there are many more still to come. But this is a song written and sung by the other guitar player in the Legend Band. His name is Dinny Rose and as the Jam Castle stories tell this is the guy who grew up three houses from me. This is a song about our old bass player who passed a couple of years ago. His name was Jimmy (Sue) Sheppard and one of the best people I have ever known. He was my friend from 3rd grade until he passed. In my heart he is still alive and always will be. This is a a great song!!!
The Song was penned the day of Jim's funeral. In the picture above Jim is the guy on the left I am in the middle and the guy on the right Denny Rose penned this song. I hope you like.... All The Way Home (This song has not been produced it's just Denny a guitar  and a recorder)

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