Here are three strange marriage laws that exist today, including one in the state of Montana. . .

1. Marriage By Proxy. In Montana, California, Colorado, and Texas, if a member of the military can't make it to their own wedding, they can have someone stand-in. And Montana allows DOUBLE-PROXY weddings. ("Happy Days" fans might remember that Richie's wedding to Lori Beth was handled this way, with the Fonz standing in as his proxy.)

2. If you Get Married on a Dare in Delaware, Don't Worry. To get a marriage annulled in Delaware, you can choose from a whole bunch of fun, different reasons.There's, quote, "unsoundness of mind," "physical incapacity to consummate," "underage without consent of parents" . . . and even "jest" and "dare."

3. When you Propose to a Woman in South Carolina, by golly, you better mean it. If a guy in South Carolina over the age of 16 proposes to a girl just to trick her into sleeping with him, he can get up to a YEAR IN PRISON.

Have you ever been married by proxy? Let us know your story in the comment section below.

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