AC/DC guitarist Angus Young is the latest rock star to get his own series of Funko Pop! figurines, featuring three separate combinations of hats and schoolboy outfits.

At most retailers, Young dolls can be purchased with a black suit and cap, or a navy blue suit with a blue hat featuring both an "A" and the Highway to Hell devil horns. An FYE exclusive variant features a red suit and the blue "A" cap, minus the horns.

Funko's three Angus Young figures are expected to hit stores in January 2019.

Meanwhile, AC/DC's future plans been the subject of much speculation this year, as various members were photographed outside of the Vancouver recording studio where the group recorded their last several albums. The band's last tour – their first without Young's brother Malcolm, who died after a battle with dementia and other ailments in November of 2017 – concluded in 2016.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that AC/DC is now crafting a new studio album using riffs the Young brothers wrote and left unused during the creation of 2008's Black Ice. Drummer Phil Rudd (who was unable to join their most recent tour after encountering some unpleasant legal issues) and singer Brian Johnson (who was forced to depart partway through the tour due to hearing issues) are among the band members who were spotted in Vancouver.

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