If you’ve been anywhere near a TV over the past few weeks, you’ve no doubt noticed AC/DC‘s ‘Back in Black’ riff blasting from the set at the end of several new Wal-Mart commercials. Well, it turns out some fans aren’t so happy about their favorite band allowing this to happen.

“Broke my f—ing heart,” said one despondent fan on Democratic Underground, “I know their last album, ‘Black Ice’ was a Wal-Mart exclusive, but… it’s almost like Wal-Mart has given the dog a bone.”

Truth be told, most fans on that site don’t take it quite so hard as he does, with one even stating he’d sign the same deal AC/DC did “so fast heads would spin,” but there are several “I guess that’s what they do for money honey”-type jabs leveled at the Australian rockers. Fans on CommercialsIHate go even further, with one declaring: “Shame on AC/DC for allowing Walmart to use their song. Shame.”

The list of bands who don’t allow their music to be used in commercial dwindles by the day, no doubt sped up by the continuing decline in sales revenue from recorded music. The relationship built by the chain’s 2008 exclusive release of the band’s ‘Black Ice’ album probably had something to do with AC/DC allowing their iconic song to be used in this way, and the band allowed their music to be featured in the last ‘Iron Man’ movie, and seems more open to collecting their music and video footage in compilation form in recent years.

So what do you think — is it right for bands to sell their classic songs for use in commercials?

Watch AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black’ in a New Wal-Mart Commercial

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