We all know who Henry Winkler is. The actor made famous by his role as "Fonzie" is the show "Happy Days." The actor who continues to balance work and play even to this day. With some of my favorites being the coach in "The Waterboy" and the acting coach in the series "Barry." He remains a busy man in Hollywood. But, did you know that one of Henry Winkler's favorite places on this planet is Montana?

According to an interview with the Denver Post

My heart lives in New York, where I was born and raised. My body lives in Los Angeles. But my soul lives in Montana. My wife, Stacey, and I have been going there since the early ’90s and, no pun intended, we were hooked from our first trip.

According to Outsider.com, keyboard warriors immediately jumped on the most beloved actor in Hollywood.

“And leave it to a human to disrupt that beauty to take a selfie to post on Twitter to get likes,” says top commenter Deborah. “Imagine if that fish held you under water to get a selfie. Please don’t encourage this!”

Just scrolling through the comments on the Twitter thread is enough to get an avid fisherman like myself enraged. People need to keep their comments to themselves. Can't you see how happy fishing makes this man? Why do you need to tear him down? Maybe these people are less concerned with the fish's well being and just mad that he found happiness.

Keep up the good work Henry. Hope to see you on the water some day.


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