Imagine crossing paths with a mini horse, wandering aimlessly near your home.

Do you pet it?

Do you take it home?

While I would want to do both, I would also want to make sure the little cutie got home okay, and that’s exactly what one Delaware woman did when she crossed paths with Gilbert the Mini Horse.

Ashlee Darling took to Facebook and asked, “Anyone missing this mini? Found running around the police station.” She snapped a picture of the mini in hopes of finding its owner.

The green bridle that he was wearing was the only indication that this fella had a home. From the picture, he seemed well-groomed, but the distressed look on his face showed that he wasn’t where he was supposed to be.

Plenty of helpers gave their two cents on the post. Since he was found by the police station, one man suggested that it may be a new police vehicle that’s part of the green project, but no one was buying that one.

One woman named Vicki suggested, “Anawan across from Perryville there is a small farm. Haven Photography sign in front of house.”

Vicki was right on the money. Ashlee responded by saying, “That’s where he came from!! I walked him back over there! Little booger!”

After an eventful morning, Gilbert the Mini was back home.

Gilbert’s owner, Holly Brown-Ayers, chimed in on the conversation online and thanked everyone for taking care of Gilbert. She said that his “pen has a lock on it now that we know he can break out.”

Nothing brings the community together quite like an adorable mini horse. Now, where can I get one of my own?

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