Did you hear about this story about a Montana Airbnb listing that ended up getting national attention? Someone in Western Montana listed a cabin that you could use as a vacation rental for about $150 a night. The catch? It was only available for non-vaccinated renters.

The story got national attention from Fox News Radio, and even got picked up the UK Independent. Funny story, right? I mean, non-vaccinated people need a home too, right? How inclusive of them.

Here's the kicker: They got booted from Airbnb for promoting vaccine "misinformation," according to NBC Montana:

BuzzFeed news reported late Monday that an Airbnb spokesperson said the listing was suspended Sunday night for “promoting COVID misinformation in violation of our content policy.”

Oh brother. Twitter. Facebook. Even Airbnb wants to be part of the free speech police now. I get it, even if you think they put out wrong information on COVID vaccines, so what? Whatever happened to live and let live when it comes to political differences, especially over a vacation rental home listing in Montana?

By the way, here is one of the best media montages you will see when it comes to the media and so-called "misinformation about COVID-19." Remember last year when they were mocking anyone who pointed to the lab in China as a possible source of the COVID-19 outbreak? Now they're changing their tune as more signs point to a lab release instead of a natural release:

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