At 68, Alice Cooper has never been busier. A thunderous appearance by the Hollywood Vampires at the Grammys in tribute to Lemmy Kilmister kicked off what promises to be a jam-packed 2016. He's now preparing for a slew of concert dates, a new solo project and a follow-up to last year's Hollywood Vampires debut.

“I’m working on two albums at once right now,” Cooper told Rock N Roll World. “And I’m gonna be on two tours this summer. I got my own tour, and then I got the Vampires tour. So, I don’t get a rest.”

Cooper's solo effort will include contributions from guitarist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway and drummer Neal Smith, the surviving members of the original Alice Cooper band. “Neal and Mike and I just wrote two or three songs," Cooper explained. "Dennis and I wrote some songs together [too]. When we broke up [in 1974], we broke up as friends. We never broke up as enemies.”

Cooper's solo tour begins in April at Biloxi, Miss., and continues through a May stop at Rama, Canada. The Hollywood Vampires -- a supergroup that also includes Joe Perry, Johnny Depp and Duff McKagan -- have a trio of dates already confirmed, including an appearance at the 2016 Rock Fest in Wisconsin.

In addition to their roaring take on Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" (which they performed at the Grammys), Cooper noted that the Vampires will be adding a few new songs in tribute to recently departed rock-star friends. “Of course we’re gonna do a [David] Bowie song,” he said.

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