Alice Cooper turned 70 on Feb. 4 – but speculated that “somebody” was trying to prevent him from getting there after he endured two near-death experiences in the weeks leading up to the landmark birthday. Cooper was in Hawaii when authorities accidentally released a false nuclear attack alert, and he was later involved in a car crash that destroyed both vehicles.

“Somebody was trying to keep me from getting to 70, but I’m still here,” Cooper said in a new interview with Billboard. He said of the attack warning: “You never want to see the words ‘imminent,’ ‘nuclear’ and ‘not a drill’ ever in one sentence. I’m looking at it going, ‘Are you kidding me?’ My theology told me I’m gonna go from one paradise to another one, but it’s still a bit of a shock to think, ‘In about 18 minutes I’m gonna be fried.’ When it blew over everybody was laughing about it, but believe me, it was scary.”

The traffic accident took place two weeks later near his home in Phoenix. “Both of us walked out of it without a scratch,” he recalled. “My car looked like a piece of art, but I did come out of it with a 1965 350 Shelby Mustang – a real Detroit car. That’s where the insurance money’s going.”

Cooper has no plans to slow down in the near future – along with a 2018 tour in support of his latest album Paranormal, he’s planning a new show for the following year. “There’s a million ideas out there,” he said. “It won’t look like this [next] tour and it’ll be a bigger show. There’s no way from getting away from the 15 songs or so you have to do, so it’s, ‘How do you approach them? What’s the look of Alice? What’s the look of the band?’ That’s what we’re working on now. The creativity has not gone.”

He’s also aiming for a new album from his supergroup, the Hollywood Vampires, featuring Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and actor Johnny Depp. “Everybody is writing right now,” he said, adding that Depp had done “five movies last year so he could free himself up for this.”

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