Over the years, Alice Cooper has done it all – but that doesn't mean every item is checked off his career bucket list. For instance, he's always wanted to "have a residency in a theater, where you can control every sense, smell, touch," Cooper tells the Chicago Tribune.

In an era when multiple-night engagements are standard in Las Vegas, Cooper sees an opportunity to up the ante on what has always been an intensely dramatic musical performance. "You could have a staged rock 'n' roll show, make the seat have a little shocker in it," Cooper adds, "or make it where smell comes into the theater or you feel something behind you. That would be fun."

The on-going “Spend the Night with Alice Cooper” tour, which continues through Oct. 30 in Los Angeles, retains all of the signature elements of his classic productions.

"We do the snake," Cooper says. "We do the guillotine, the insane nurse, the straight jacket, Frankenstein. ... This is like vaudeville gone insane. Even if you're not an Alice Cooper fan, it's almost impossible not to like this show. It's put together like a strange rock vaudeville horror show – and at the same time it's got humor involved, so you're laughing, crying, and scared all at the same time."

Sound intriguing? Check it out yourself by entering a contest for free passes beginning with the Sept. 26 stop at Elmira, N.Y. Ten winners will get a pair of tickets to any show, with the exception of two stops that have already sold out and a festival date. Follow @UltClassicRock on twitter and tetweet the message below to enter:

Cooper's Sept. 30 concert at Lakewood, N.J. is part of the Rock Carnival; the Oct. 11 date at Winnipeg and his tour-ending Oct. 30 show in Los Angeles are also not part of the giveaway. The deadline to enter is Monday, Sept. 26 at 11:59 PM ET. Good luck!

Alice Cooper 2016 Tour Dates

9/22 Waukegan, IL
9/23 Akron, OH
9/24 Indiana, PA
9/26 Elmira, NY
9/28 Albany, NY
9/29 Reading, PA
9/30 Lakewood, NJ (not eligible for giveaway)
10/2 Windsor, ON
10/4 Toledo, OH
10/5 Indianapolis, IN
10/6 Milwaukee, WI
10/8 Omaha, NE
10/9 Bernidji, MN
10/11 Winnipeg, MB (not eligible for giveaway)
10/12 Regina, SK
10/13 Lethbridge, AB
10/15 Calgary, AB
10/16 Penticton, AB
10/18 Victoria, BC
10/19 Vancouver, BC
10/20 Tacoma, WA
10/22 Portland, OR
10/25 Reno, NV
10/26 San Francisco, CA
10/28 San Diego, CA
10/29 Indio, CA
10/30 Los Angeles, CA (not eligible for giveaway)

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