About a year ago, American Water Technologies installed a water softener and a reverse osmosis drinking water system in my home. It sounds like fairly simple things (and they made the process convenient and easy) but I'm amazed at how it changed my lifestyle.

I've never been one to drink water straight from the tap and I didn't realize how often I'd run out of bottled water at night so I'd avoid drinking water until I could restock. I definitely don't miss piling gallons of bottled water into my grocery cart. Reverse osmosis removes 98 percent of impurities from water, including nitrates, lead and arsenic, according to American Water Technologies. It made ice cubes clearer and improves the taste of coffee and cooking.

The water softener made an even bigger difference. Montana naturally has drier air than I was used to, so my skin was cracking the first month I was here. I was slathering on the lotion every day.

But the water softener is the ultimate dry skin therapy, and the smell of my laundry is so clean. I didn’t realize the sour smell my water had until it was gone. I even use half the amount of laundry detergent than I did before. Montana's water has a hardness level 20 times the national average, so I honestly don't know how you could live here without a water softener.

If you're considering installing or upgrading your water softener, adding an iron filter for well water or purchasing an osmosis water filter, I can't recommend the team at American Water Technologies enough. Getting started is as easy as calling 406-252-4161 for an appointment.