Halloween is big business. Candy sales alone this year will be around $2.6 BILLION.  Another six billion is estimated to be spent on Halloween for costumes and decorations and other party items. That works out to around $90 per person. Yikes.

I don't doubt it though. The costumes my wife ordered for the kids showed up in the mail last week. I didn't ask her how much that cost, but the 3-year-old is already complaining that she doesn't want to be Rapunzel and that she'd rather be a spooky skeleton. So... that means we'll probably end up buying another costume. And I don't know if you've priced out candy lately, but it's not cheap.

According to this interactive map, Double Bubble is the most popular candy in Montana. Really? Maybe it is because it's by far one of the cheapest (and crappiest) candies out there. Almost as lame as a Jolly Rancher. The survey states the #2 candy in Montana is M&M's followed by Twix at #3. I saw a different survey that said Montana's first choice is the Kit Kat. I'll take a Kit Kat over a piece of rock-hard Double Bubble any day.

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